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About us

About us

VelaFarEast LLC is a maritime recruitment agency established and registered in the city of Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia. VelaFarEast LLC is engaged in the selection of qualified officers and rating seafarers, as well as cadets for ships of various types of vessels.


Provides a full of services, starting with the selection of a candidate for the position and ending with the complete staffing of the crew. All seafarers' documents are fully checked for expiration dates in accordance with International Conventions.


 We are working to preserve jobs for seafarers who have relevant positive work on the ship, and corresponding stable promotions for the command staff. The selection criterion for candidates is, first of all, confirmed experience of work on ships of this type, qualifications and proficiency in English.


Providing work on ships of the fleet of various types, long-term partnerships between shipowners and seafarers, allowing the services offered to be impeccably and in full, also to constantly expand opportunities and improve the quality of work.